Slender Seeds & Moringa Combo


This is not a medicament, but has many health benefits like reducing constipation; helping to manage anxiety related to food cravings and smoking; maintaining healthy cholesterol; and visibly reducing cellulite. It also has the capacity to help cleanse the intestines, lower uric acid, restore skin and muscle tone, and is an excellent diuretic.

Maintaining a healthy weight may also help to control blood pressure.


Preparation of Nuez De Lа Indіа, for ingestion:

  1. Remove the velvet covering, then take out the whole seed
  2. Cut the seed into quarters (one per day)
  3. Crush ¼ seed and add to one cup of hot water
  4. Steep for a couple of minutes and drink
  5. And remember to drink 2 to 3 liters of water

Moringa Capsules:  90 Veg-Capsules

 Moringa Oleifera typically contains: 35 Anti- Inflammatory compounds, 40 Kinds of Anti -oxidants, 20 Amino acids of witch 11 are essential, and more than 72 vitamins, minerals,fibers,plant phenols, glycocides, isoflavones, sterols rutin, flavonols, fatty acids and phytochemicals. Making it a fantastic supplement to drink with your Slender Seed journey!

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