What if I am Diabetic?

Yes the Seeds and Capsules are diabetic friendly.  We do suggest that diabetic clients don’t eat banana for potassium but rather replace the banana with cucumber.

What if I suffer from IBM ?

We regret that IBM ( Irregular Bowl Movement ) sufferers can unfortunately not use this product. Please consult with your doctor if you do not have a extreme case of IBM.

What if I have low blood pressure?

Yes, the seeds and capsules are LBP friendly.  We would suggest that clients should avoid using lemon juice as this can thin the blood.

Can I use your product if I am on medication?

Yes and No. Depending on the type of medication. (Please consult with your doctor) It is safe to use the seeds or capsules only 3-4 hours after the taking your medication.

What if I am on Antibiotics?

No. Please refrain from using the seeds or capsules until you have finished your Antibiotics course.

What if I had an operation?

Please do not use the product if you have had an operation in the last 6 months on your colon or any other major operations.  You may attempt to use the products after 6 months of any major operations.

What if I am Insulin Resistance?

Yes you can use the seeds or capsules.  We suggest a good protein breakfast to boost the effects of the see. Avoid gluten in your diet.

What if I am allergic to nuts?

Big No No! The products are 100% natural nut, thus you should not use the seeds or capsules if you are allergic to Nuts.

What if I have a thyroid problem?

Yes, the seeds and capsules are both thyroid friendly.

What if I have heart or kidney problems?

We do not recommend the use of either the seeds or capsules in this case.  If you do use the product knowing you had any of these problems we can take no responsibility.

Can I use Alcohol ?

Try to skip the seeds or capsules if you are going to drink more than a glass.  It can make you feel nauseous if you consume too much alcohol.

Can I eat chocolate?

For the best results we would suggest to avoid chocolate and cocoa, but once a week one or two blocks of dark chocolate will be fine.

What will help with the detox ?

Vitamin B complex has been found to help you when you go through the detox period.

Can children under 18 use the seeds and capsules?

We suggest they don’t, because the school will not allow them to go to the bathroom too many times for the detox effects. They also risk not drinking enough water, causing the body to hold back water.

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